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697 Park Ave
Rochester, NY 14607


About Us

A Different Atmosphere, A Different Attitude

The stylists at Ashby Madison would like to give you an alternative.

We Believe:
  • An appointment is an appointment - you will get in at your scheduled time
  • In a clean, pleasant atmosphere
  • You will never be made to feel like you're interrupting someone's coffee break
  • If it weren't for you, we wouldn't be here
  • If you cannot style your hair at home, we didn't do our job
  • In listening to what you want and giving it to you
  • There is no room for a bad mood in this work place
  • You will get more than your money's worth

What Else is Different at ASHBY MADISON?

  • We use enzymes with our Italian color instead of peroxide. Peroxide causes problems such as lighter roots, dark ends, and damaged hair. Enzymes prevent these common problems.
  • We do not use bulk perms. We use perms formulated to give you the lasting curl you want without the damage.
  • We are committed to always getting better at our profession. We will be taking extensive classes and going to seminars a few times a year to keep up-to-date with your changing needs.
  • We have a commitment to educate ourselves to better serve you.